Eracia, Autumn of 1109: Broken Bonds

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Sharkmaw Isles Chapter One: Its Shining Wake
Its Shining Wake

In the great old city of Pezane, Autumn is underway. Fresh from their trials in the Verna Marshes and from defending the city against centaurs, vengeful lizardfolk priests, a cabal of alchemists, and a vengeful political opponent of the Doge, they have been waiting for the arrival of the galleon Azor. D’sar, an elven spellblade, has found himself lost in the world of men after the death of his wife, and Evangeline, a half-elf displaced by the treacheries of the Elven War and on a quest to find her mother, are travelling together to the former Imperial province of Talar. D’sar hopes to find a purpose there, and Evangeline, the only family she has.

Hundreds of miles away, in the beautiful metropolis Emilia, a gnome and a dwarf are desperately seeking passage to Talar. There, Darius, a dwarven runecaster striving to reclaim his people’s glorious past, plans to find and parley with the gnomes, masters of craft and rumoured owners of one of dwarvenkind’s most treasured artifacts. His companion, a whipser gnome named Cat, is a master of a secret art which harnesses the power of shadows. The two of them are unfortunate while trying to find a ship to bear them passage, and wind up on a


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