Dramatis Personae: People from the Feymoor to the Orc Wastes

Following is a list of characters from the lands of the Eracian continent. Entries are based on where the character currently resides, as of Autumn 1109.


  • Aerth – Archmagus of the Imperial University, member of the Protector Corps, and a shameless scrier.
  • Abigail – Aerth’s apprentice, assistant, and onetime adventurer (if only very briefly). She is a learned wizard in her own right and spends most of her time researching and translating ancient documents and tomes.
  • Amisa – Current head of the Protector Corps, she was born in Amelia and was once a member of the adventuring group, the Swords of the Moor.
  • Leyen – A priestess of Alessi who has made her way up in the hierarchy. She sides with the faction of the church which supports military passivity and promotes shielding vulnerable peoples rather than supporting the Imperial army.
  • Morrow – once an eccentric noble-turned-rogue, Morrow is now the leader and founder of the Revenant Blades, a loose federation of retired and semi-retired adventurers who make it their task to watch over the empire.
  • Alinya – Morrow’s lead agent in the Imperial Capital. She gained his interest while working freelance for Lucien.
  • Lucien – A Bevinan-born rogue, he was a member of the Swords of the Moor as well as a founding member of the Revenant Blades.
  • Courvelle – A Martelan priest of Araea, and more recently an accomplished troubadour. He was a member of the Swords of the Moor.
  • Rena (deceased)- a member of the Swords of the Moor and a founding member of the Revenant Blades with Lucien and Morrow; she was of Bayernan descent and was married to () up until his death.
  • Orestes – (deceased)Former prime minister of the Empire and the mastermind behind the Nerenean coup which nearly overthrew the government in early Spring of 1109, after murdering Emperor Tertius.
  • Emperor Tertius (deceased) Emperor whose reign lasted roughly thirty years. He was persuaded to begin the Elven War at the behest of his prime minister, Orestes.
  • Oraus (deceased) former Protector who reported directly to Orestes, and led Nereneans within the Protector Corps.

The Elven Lands

  • D’sardiondlardragreth—an elf who goes by the name D’sar, he left the elven lands for Fianna decades ago and became an Imperial protector alongside his Fiannan wife, Arafel, and had two half-elven children with her. After her death, he has become a wandering adventurer and has recently been working in Emilia.
  • Aelethindra—once the Elven ambassador to the Eracian Empire, she was ousted when Nerenean elements within the court and Senate wanted Emperor Martius to annex Fianna. She led a small force of elven warriors at the Battle of the Spire, and since the end of the Elven War has resumed her role as ambassador to the Empire.


  • Rico Solador—a member of the Imperial Corps, and an advocate of the people of Cordon’s many slums. He was Evangeline’s mentor for many years and has recently been travelling in the Emperor’s service.
  • Evangeline—a half-elven young woman who, after growing up in a orphanage which was practically a labor camp, became a noted bounty hunter under Rico Solador’s tutelage. Since then she has learned that she has sorcerous powers, and that her mother gave her away believing that she was going to a good and safe home away from the dangers of the war. Recently, she has taken up a journey along the Empire’s southern coast in an attempt to find her mother.
  • Abreo—Originally from Cordon, Abreo served in the Imperial Navy, and later became a merchant marine. He has since moved to the Sharkmaw Islands, where he intends to stay.


  • Ganymede—a flamboyant member of the Imperial Corps. He is highly prized as an effective and studious agent.
  • Eileen—a driven archaeologist; she travels the continent from dig to dig, and has been working on a dig in the ancient Nerenean city in Northern Baegnolia since the war’s end.
  • Milton—commander of the 2nd division of the 3rd Devon, which recently returned form a long assignment in Nordest.
  • Wolfram—general of the 3rd Devon.


  • Craghier (ancient)—an ancient wizard who enacted dark rites in his personal vendetta against the Hohenshaufers.
  • Jan Schaffer—mayor of the small town of Felzen, located on the edge of the Faffen Moor.

*Ergan (deceased)—Rena’s husband and one of the founding members of the Swords of the Moor.


  • Sauvan (deceased)—a Martelan man whose elven and half-elven family was killed by a mob incited by Nereneans. He declared a vendetta against the empire and raised a fleet against them before being swallowed by the Leviathan.

Dramatis Personae: People from the Feymoor to the Orc Wastes

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